Terms And Conditions

Fees are paid per child. The fee covers only one child. Peradventure a parent needs to register more than one child for the same class, the fee has to be paid for each of the children.

once fees are due, the child will be automatically removed from the platform, if fees are not renewed after 24hrs.

Fees are not refundable neither are they transferable.

There shall be two days of scheduled live classes in a week, while other days shall be for studying of videos, and other materials provided in the class, including doing exercises and assignments.

Sagewood help4pupils shall not be accountable for any missed live class.

Peradventure, for any reason, Sagewood help4pupils is unable to meet up with a scheduled live class, a new date shall be fixed to make up for the lost class.

At least, one adult of children under the age of six must be present to supervise the child/ children at every live class.

An instructor reserves the right to discontinue a live class, if the attitude of a child makes it difficult for for the instructor to deliver his/her lessons.

At least an adult will supervise children of all ages in assignments, watching of videos, all activities around any other content posted for studying.

A child may not partake in a live class, if the instructor notices that video, excercise or other activities that should precede the class, has not been done by the child.