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Sagewood help 4 pupils is an online program designed to support and improve children's abilities and skills, both in their school work and beyond school. It focusses specifically on both Literacy and Numeracy skills.

What Are The Benefits?

We help to equip the child with basic Literacy and Numeracy skills required for life.

Our teachings unfold and reveal the principles behind concepts in Literacy and Numeracy, so the child can have better understanding, and become a master in whatever topic(concept) he / she learns.

The program is tailored to teach children from scratch to peak.

Children get to learn at their convenience.

scheduled live meetings with instructors.

Learning is in small groups, so children get to meet and make friends with other children that are not from their locations.

You can track your child's progress as he/ she moves from one level to another

Our methods help to build sense of confidence and independence in children.

Counselling sessions (where needed) on how to help your child.

Free trials for three days.

Our Content

Interesting and explanatory videos.

Fun and easy to learn facts, which are explained in simple terms.

Engaging exercises and assignments for reinforcement and practice.

How Does It Work?

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